Gold Warrior

Game Introduction

The golden warrior, whose country was destroyed by Zombies and goblins, has sworn to himself to save his country from zombies and goblins.
Seeing the people in his country abducted, the duty of the warrior is not only to save from zombies and goblins.
He must also save the people of his country.
In each episode, he will save some of the people who have been kidnapped and imprisoned in their country.
But he must also kill all the enemies!
As the game progresses, the levels of the enemies rise, so our warrior must improve itself.
In the following sections, you will discover new features of the warrior, you can see on the level selection screen at which level the new features will be active.
As the game progresses, you will encounter many boss enemies.
You have to control your energy and life. You can increase your health or energy by hitting the barrels and chests with a sword and taking the life and energy that comes out of them.

By raising the gold level, you can increase the amount of each gold you collect.
You can reduce the damage you take from enemies by raising the shield level.
By raising the critical level, you can double the damage you deal to enemies.
Hope you have a good time in Golden warrior game.
You can express your opinions about the game in the comments.

Have fun.

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