Fun Run Maze Game

Are you ready for the fun running maze game but remember this is not just running!
You have to find the right way and run through the maze.
here you have to find the right way while running.
You have to use the navigation to find the right way.
Do not forget to get the gold in the maze, those gold will allow you to get more beautiful characters.
Use your abilities carefully to slow down your opponents!
Don’t miss the question marked boxes, they will give you additional features.

What are these additional features
1- You can see the right path in the labyrinth for a short time.
2- You can throw lightning at all your Opponents.
3- You can run faster.
4- You can set a trap.

You can take the objects you see in the maze and throw them at your opponents and slow them down.
Be careful, your opponents may throw the same objects at you.

You have to learn the map, don’t just run, in the fun adventure game.
Come on, download the fun adventure labyrinth game!
fun maze game is waiting for you!

Download now the world’s best running game

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